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Southan Farms is focused on providing high-quality hops to serve the Maritime craft beer industry. 

We have Centennial, Golding, Cascade and Columbus pellets all in stock, in 44lb mylar flushed with nitrogen. Orders for less than 44lbs are able to be accommodated. Shipping via Maritime Bus allows for quick, affordable service between provinces. 

Some of our customers include Flying Boats Brewing Company, Big Tide Brewing, Picaroons Traditional Ales, RustiCo, Grimross Brewing, Foghorn Brewing Company, Maybee Brew Co, CAVOK Brewing Co, Upstreet Craft Brewing, Savoie's Brewhouse, Think Brewing, Brasserie Retro Brewing, and PEI Brewing Company. 

Please contact [email protected] or 506-391-6730 for details!